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True Support 24/7 - 365 days

PAKER is a small company compare with some of our clients that are world leaders in the food and beverage industry.

Yet, we want to provide exceptional service and support, round the clock, and everywhere in the world where our clients need us.

To achieve that, you can always contact directly one of PAKER Directors that will make sure the issue is delt as fast as possible by the right person. We are available any day at any time.

Our belief is that often times, customer issues are lost in the organization and that it takes too much time to reach the right person.  You can be sure that your issue is delt with by the right expert as fast as possible.

Our experience is that we resolve 90% of our clients demands very quickly via remote support. For the last 10%, we dispatch the technician with the right skills as fast as possible.

You want to know more, you can contact Eric : + 33 6 65 16 99 39

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