The benefits of Paker solutions

  • Packs are created from a flat cardboard that is glued
  • Ergonomic machines with good accessibility for production and maintenance staff
  • Flexible machines with quick changeover times
  • Stainless steel machine frames
  • Driven by servo-motors and reduced maintenance

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Fridge Pack 2x6

The Fridge Pack is placed directly into the refrigerator. Often has a removable tab that allows cans to be taken out one by one.

Regular 2x3 gusset

Classic 6-pack with gussets at the top and bottom to prevent the cans from falling out of the pack.

Regular 2x3

Classic 6-pack without gussets. Cans are kept in place by the openings at the top and bottom.

Slim 2x3 gusset

Classic 6-pack for “slim” cans with gussets to ensure they are kept in place horizontally. A large, completely flat surface area for advertising.

Pack also available for “sleek” cans.

Slim 2x3 gusset + bar code cover

Classic 6-pack for “slim” cans with upper gussets and a lower tab hiding the bar code

Pack also available for “sleek” cans.

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