The benefits of Paker solutions

  • Packs are created from a flat cardboard that is glued
  • Ergonomic machines with good accessibility for production and maintenance staff
  • Flexible machines with quick changeover times
  • Stainless steel machine frames
  • Driven by servo-motors and reduced maintenance

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MT | S 11 - 1800

Sequential wrapping machine for containers and pots, 1,800 packs/h (30 packs/min) | Glued on top using a flat carton. It is also possible to seal by gluing underneath, and this may be preferable depending on the type of packaging being used | Products in 1 layer over 1 line, with the option to package in pairs.


Machine for wrapping individual containers using a flat cardboard, sealed by gluing on the top (or underneath, depending on the application).

Machine for different products and different configurations, able to change format quickly (less than 5 minutes or automatically). Our machines are made entirely of stainless steel and ergonomics is one of our priorities.

All of the settings and control functions can be accessed directly on the control panel. Entirely controlled by servo motors (not a chain drive). Reduced maintenance.