PAKER Launches the Ultimate filler for dairy and plant based products : SmartLine - Paker Group

SmartLine the Ultimate flexible filling machine for Dairy and plant based products

SmartLine’s key advantage lies in its innovative ability to provide an extremely flexible and evolutionary solution for cup filling to the food production industry. The beauty of this technology is its amazing adaptability to a wide range of consumer demands in terms of products, formats and packaging materials.One concrete example of its exceptional versatility, is its revolutionary universal nozzle for liquids, viscous products with or without pieces – as shown in the video.

PAKERGROUP’S SmartLine filling machines are designed with changing consumer demands in mind. Its ability to adapt and become a single-source solution means production lines are now able to match everchanging industry demand.
Only SmartLine allows for such versatility.

SmartLine – A Universal Solution for Cup-filling Machinery?In the food and beverage industry, adaptability is now central to meet changing demand that results in an exploding number of product references with smaller production batches.
Many different recipes and packaging materials require agile, reliable, efficient filling solutions – something PAKERGROUP has intricately designed into our SmartLine technology.

Outstanding Capabilities –SmartLine – by its very nature in design, the SmartLine filling unit is flexible enough to cope with multiple food products.

SmartLine – with no format parts, simplicity to operate is one of the major factors which sets this apart. The result of this universal SmartLine technology means lost time is almost eliminated entirely during production changes on a daily basis.

SmartLine – a huge advantage of this technology is the investment cost over time. Its ability to adapt means new products can be filled without the need for expensive upgrades.Besides the universal filling capacity, SmartLine has many other innovative features we will reveal very soon!To find out more about SmartLine’s capabilities today.