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Flexible Robotic Infeed to a Multipacker

Whatever the market : ready meals, dairy, plant based, canned foods, etc. the food producers must be able to adapt their production to the demand.

PAKER continuous motion overwrappers can be complemented with a robotic product infeed. This enables a great number of configurations.

FLEURY MICHON Values the Versatility of The Paker Solutions

One of the latest line installed for FLEURY MICHON can overwrap ready meals packaged in rectangular trays or in round glass jars, in x1, 1×2, or 1 over 1. The overwrap is formed from a flat carton.

The product infeed configuration is managed by the Delta type robots that perfectly suits the great flexibility of the Paker machine. A perfect solution for multi-format applications, and without the constraint of format toolings.

To know more, contact Nicolas : Nicolas.Manceau@paker.fr