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(4) different cup diameters on the same machine : Glass Ø60 mm, Glass Ø80mm, Paper Ø71 and Paper Ø95 !

Chapter 4 | Incredible cup format flexibility

With conventional fillers, you are restricted to 1 to 3 cup diameters maximum.

This is the reason why many fillers are under utilized. As an industrial, you may have needs for more capacity on a certain cup dimension, Ø95mm for instance, but the fillers that have free capacity are on another dimension, Ø75 and Ø116mm.

The SmartLine filler resolve these issues thanks to its unique transfer system that enables to cover an unlimited number of cup sizes within the defined machine capacity. You can maximize the utilization of your asset and try new products at a fraction of the cost of what you have to pay on a conventional filler.

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