ARLA Showcases Its Famous PUCK Cream Cheese - Paker Group

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Many food producers are switching their product grouping from plastic to cardboard. ARLA decided to do so many years ago already for its premium PUCK cream cheese x2.

It was important for ARLA to ensure the proper orientation of the glass jars against the overwrap, in order to maximize the shelf-impact.
To answer this requirement, PAKER added a jar orientation module at the infeed of its cardboard overwrapper.

PAKER Helps Its Clients To Differentiates On The Store Shelves

Every customer needs are unique and this is for PAKER an opportunity to serve. We are delighted to have delivered a reliable and economical solutions that answers ARLA needs.

PAKER is always willing to look into the issues that are brought up by its clients and help them differentiate in the market place.

If you have specific needs for cardboard overwraps, you can contact Nicolas :